Code of Ethics

Our business is a virtual receptionist and support service. We answer the phone in our customer’s name and process the caller’s requirements in accordance documented procedures and our customer’s scope of work instructions.

We place emphasis’s on quality of service in all aspects of our business and our mission is to continually seek and implement ways of improving our receptionist & support service to our customers.

Ace Brand – Shared Values:
We offer reliability and trust and friendly Receptionists. We will work to quality standards and meet and exceed agreed requirements. We are dependable and consistent and we deliver a friendly, courteous and efficient service. We will respond promptly to queries. We are environmentally and community minded and will tailor services to suit processing requirements.

The Business:
The elements that make up our business is essentially customers and the service we provide on behalf of our customers. The business is fully supported by the administration procedures, training and computer systems.

In the conduct of our business we have the following code of ethics.

  1. We will answer all calls and process the caller’s requirements ASAP in accordance with the guidelines.
  2. We will always be scrupulous about privacy of customer’s information.
  3. We will investigate errors and complaints and rectify any caused by us, in accordance with our procedures by thoroughly investigating and then removing the root cause of errors and revise procedures if necessary.
  4. Management and receptionists will operate within the Management systems, procedures and guidelines as provided under the management policy and will conduct business within the health & safety policy guidelines as required.
  5. In the event of any potential conflict of interest, Ace Answering Service will discuss with affected parties with a view of resolving any issues.
  6. Ace Answering Service will not knowingly sign on any customer that denigrates our name, brand and position in the Market.

Yours Sincerely
Rodger Spencer